How EMBAs Can Help Each Other

Posted by GeniusMesh Team on Feb 9, 2019 6:37:42 AM

Land your dream job connecting with EMBAs like you

At least 90% of executive-level jobs are never posted for open applications. How do people find and get placed in these roles? Networking.

Time and again, networking is proven to be the most powerful tool for anybody looking for the next step in their career. The adage that, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” is very true when it comes to career advancement.

Networking isn’t just about seeking out the best hidden job roles. The additional benefits, such as an extended network of contacts to draw upon for projects and knowledge sharing, will help any senior executive to flourish in their existing role, too.

EMBA students and graduates are in a strong position to help each other. Here’s why:

Shared Experiences

It's demanding on so many levels to complete an EMBA while working full-time. Other EMBAs understand this regardless of what school you went to. Life after the EMBA is transformative but not always a straight line. Sharing experiences is a great way to begin building a relationship.

Confidential Networking

There is one snag to networking that often stops EMBAs from reaching out to each other. 
If you’re found to be actively networking with other senior executives, your current employer may become anxious that you’re looking to jump ship. That’s where the benefit of confidential networking comes in.

EMBAs who agree to be a part of a confidential networking community can remain assured that their anonymity is protected. You can freely share ideas, ask for career advice, or apply for new job roles without the fear of your employer finding out.

Share Career Knowledge

Have you ever wondered how an EMBA alumnus from your school managed to land the job they now have? 
Networking with other EMBAs allows you to find mentors and ask the pertinent questions.

Senior executives are ready and willing to help new graduates. They realize the value in educating more recent EMBA intakes: sharing knowledge helps them to develop a high-quality hiring pool for the future.

Exchange Ideas and Experience from Diverse Industries

Networking for EMBAs across schools and countries delivers huge learning opportunities from a wide variety of industries. 
Even within your own EMBA class, your fellow students will be following careers in a range of subject areas. The diversity on your doorstep, and in your wider EMBA network, allows you to draw on knowledge to help find solutions to complex problems in your own industry.


Highlight Upcoming Career Opportunities

The hidden roles you never hear about are filled from referrals. The only way to become an executive placed by a referral? Get to know your fellow EMBAs – and be remembered as someone who gives as much as they take. 
Networking is all about the power of being memorable. If you give to your community, with knowledge and advice, people will remember you and want to connect with you.

One way to give back to your EMBA network is to tell them about hidden roles you know about. Even if you’re not the hiring manager, posting a role that could advance a fellow EMBA’s career will mean they’ll remember you. In time, the favor will be returned. When they’re next hiring, or hear of a role you’re perfect for, you’re going to be the one they refer.

How GeniusMesh Can Help EMBAs

The concept of networking with other EMBAs sounds great – but how do you do it? It’s easy to network within your school, even with alumnus above your cohort, but even that has a limit. 
A confidential networking community, GeniusMesh brings together EMBAs from across the globe to share knowledge, career advice, and hidden job opportunities.

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