One Page Resume Nonsense

Posted by Tom Berger on Jan 15, 2020 4:09:12 PM

It seems to be a universal recommendation that resumes should be restricted to one page.  This recommendation might be a good, general guideline, but certainly should not be a hard and fast rule.  The applicable content –whether it is one paragraph or four pages – should drive the length of the resume. A recent high school graduate, for example, might have a very difficult time filling up a one-page resume, even with fourteen-point font and wide margins.  On the other hand, it would be sufficient for Peyton Manning or Tom Brady to submit a two-line resume that included their name and the address for the offer letter if they were applying for a quarterback coaching position!

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Make it all about them, not you

Posted by Tom Berger on Mar 26, 2019 7:00:23 PM

Most resume preparation books and experts recommend that the resume begin with a summary of the candidate’s qualifications.  Unfortunately, that approach focuses on what the candidate wants to say instead of what they want the recipient to hear!  All of us have a natural tendency to think of ourselves first.  With this “standard” approach, the candidate is asking the interviewer to interpret the person’s qualifications to ensure that there is a match to the position that they are trying to fill. Sometimes the resume reviewer will make the proper interpretation, sometimes not. In any event, the candidate is asking the interviewer to do the work in translating a person’s summary to their company’s needs.

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