GeniusMesh Announces General Launch of Executive Recruiting Platform

Posted by GeniusMesh Team on Oct 30, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Today we are excited to announce the general availability of GeniusMesh, a product that promises to change the way companies fill global executive roles. After several months of beta testing with leading recruiting teams, including logistics leaders, manufacturing companies, and a leading Fortune 100 retailer in the United States, GeniusMesh is now available to all companies looking to more quickly and cost-effectively hire senior leaders. 


“Before GeniusMesh, companies had very limited options when it came to hiring executives to lead their teams,” explains Neerja Bharti, Founder of GeniusMesh. “They nearly always resorted to executive search firms who charge tens of thousands of dollars for a successful placement. But the bigger problem that they faced was the time it takes those search firms to identify qualified candidates. Search firms typically move through the learning curve of trying to accurately understand the needs of their clients and then waste time sending emails to poor-fit candidates. In most instances, those executive candidates have no intention of making a move.  During this prolonged process, teams remain directionless and productivity slows. The opportunity cost for companies can be massive.”


GeniusMesh provides pre-qualified, thoroughly vetted, and active executive job seekers directly to companies for their open leadership roles. 


GeniusMesh works with top business schools around the world such as MIT Sloan, Kellogg School of Management, Insead, IE Business School, and Columbia Business School.  Through these relationships, GeniusMesh provides a pipeline of highly qualified executives looking for their next leadership opportunity. Executive MBA graduates join GeniusMesh to look for opportunities, network with other EMBAs, and leverage the company’s unique career planning tools. Powerful artificial intelligence algorithms then facilitate a match between companies and talent, quickly and effectively.


At GeniusMesh, we know that executive hiring can be sensitive – Companies often do not want to publicize the fact that they are looking for new senior leadership. That’s why opportunities on GeniusMesh always remain confidential. Companies can anonymously share information about their industry and the role, without revealing their name.


“We had GeniusMesh competing alongside a top executive search firm for one of our C-level positions,” explains GeniusMesh customer Laurent O. at CEVA Logistics. “GeniusMesh found us the candidate we ended up hiring before the search firm could find any promising candidates. Since then, we always consult with GeniusMesh for key positions. It’s the best way to confidentially hire senior candidates within a short time and at a fraction of the cost of an agency.” 


To learn more about how GeniusMesh can help you confidentially hire executive talent, visit our website or request a demo from one of our team members.

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